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Greek Island holiday destinations offer literally countless resorts ranging from those providing most of the facilities of mass tourism to remote places with little greater than a few village rooms. Islands also range in proportions from ones that may be walked around in several hours to ones that have many major towns and a huge selection of villages women only travel company.

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Lesbos (also spelt Lesvos) is the 3rd largest Greek island and has almost 200 miles of coastline to offer beach-loving holidaymakers. It is located in the north-eastern element of the Aegean, only some miles from the Turkish coast and twelve hours by ferry trip from Athens. Fortunately the ferry trip is unnecessary because Lesbos has its own international airport.

None of the vacation resorts on Lesbos could be described to be “spoilt by mass tourism” but the most popular are served by package holiday companies. Of the, Molyvos might be typically the most popular but even there, it’s possible to enjoy a laid-back, away-from-it-all vacation.

The entire island abounds in natural beauty and its spectacular, indented coastline is composed of numerous sand and pebble beaches interspaced with many secluded coves. The island’s interior is high in olive groves that produce a few of the world’s finest olive oil. There are even bottles of top “Italian” extra virgin olive oil which can be produced from olives grown in Lesbos!

Where in fact the olive groves end, beautiful forests of Mediterranean pine begin and on the western side of the island, you may even find the world’s second largest petrified forest.

Like many Greek islands, Lesbos is very mountainous. Its two major peaks, Lepetymnos and Olympus are over 3100 feet high and dominate the centre of the island. Due to the volcanic origin of Lesbos, several hot springs may be found on the island.

The word, Lesbian arises from Lesbos. This is because it absolutely was the birthplace of Sappho, the ancient Greek poetess. Her poems contained expressions of homosexual love. Sappho is considered to have been born and lived in Eresos. This very small town is a distance approximately inland from the holiday resort of Scala Eressos. Although, relaxing and casual, Scala Eressos has a certain vibrant quality and caters for a wide variety of visitors. These generally include many gay women who wish to take pleasure from women-only holidays or attend the annual Women’s Festival.

Along with an excellent selection of bars and tavernas, Scala has a wonderful sandy beach, element of that will be designated as a tolerated naturist area.

The streets of the resort are closed to traffic so you may not have to be worried about the road safety of your children. Where the village street ends, some cafes and tavernas have now been built along the beach by extending them out onto the sand. When you have kids, you are able to sit in a single for a drink whilst the youngsters play in the sea, still safely in sight.

The beach and village are framed in a lovely setting of a natural, fertile valley between arid mountains. A pretty lagoon at the trunk of the beach is your home to terrapins, frogs and seabirds. Children love this area and tend to be so fascinated by the terrapins that it’s difficult to persuade them to leave. In the country side across the resort tortoises can often be seen plodding their way along stony scrubland. But the most fascinating wildlife of all is just about the resident pelicans. These can often be observed waddling across the tavernas in the hope of some free fish. The 2 birds have grown to be so tame that they get around tricks on the beach too, snatching tubes of suntan lotion as well as books from shocked sunbathers. Sometimes the pelicans will throw the things playfully to the air and then catch them. When a product as large as book drops in to the bird’s huge gullet, fear for the creature’s safety momentarily replaces the humour inspired by the performance. But there’s no cause for concern and the pelicans quickly realise that the thing has no nutritional value, fetch it back up, and drop it on the sand. Not everyone sees the funny side of the pelicans’behaviour however, especially the one who comes back from a swim to find their beach towel occupied by one of them. But also for the onlookers, this usually results in an incredibly amusing shooing away scene.

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