Four Facts About Mineral Water Benefits

If you believe the advertising, mineral water benefits your health in many ways. The so-called “new” mineral revitalization water purification systems are capitalizing on this “fad” for minerals. Get your facts straight and make an informed decision before you buy. nuoc khoang lavie binh 20 lit

Fact 1

Some studies have shown that drinking distilled, which is de-mineralized water, is bad for your health. It seems to cause digestive problems and may lead to nutritional deficiencies. So, mineral water benefits are reported as “good for digestion” and “nutritionally supportive”.

The problem is that most of the bottled mineral water that you find has very low nutritive value. Only Perrier is a fairly good source of calcium, because it comes direct from a naturally carbonated mineral-rich spring in France.

Mineral revitalization water purification systems capitalize on the studies about the adverse effects of drinking distilled. The process involves using reverse osmosis to remove all mineral content and then passing the resulting water over specific rocks to “revitalize” it. The problem with this idea is that water becomes mineralized as it passes slowly through the soil and sits in the ground. Simply passing it over rocks, no matter how rare, is unlikely to do anything.

Fact 2

There are no scientific studies which support the claim that mineral water benefits exceed those of a good mineral balance. Yes, distilled-water is bad and some naturally occurring contents are too high in one mineral or another. Usually, it is calcium that is too high and causes problems referred to as hard-water. Inexpensive systems are available that use ion exchange to replace some of the harder minerals, with softer choices, usually potassium.

Fact 3

The advertisements for mineral revitalization water purification systems always say that in areas with a naturally high mineral content, people live longer healthier lives. While it is true that we all need trace minerals to maintain good health, there are many other sources. In areas that are mineral-rich, the food that grows there and the animals that eat it have a higher mineral content. To claim that it is strictly mineral water benefits that make these people healthier is an exaggeration.

In most areas of the world, plant foods come from farms where the soil has been cultivated for so many years that the ground has basically been stripped of nutrients. The result is that the food has lower nutritional value. But, counting on mineral water benefits to counter the affect is ill advised. A good daily multi-vitamin and clean, healthy beverages are the answer.

Fact 4

Soaking in hot spring mineral water benefits the joints and muscles. Many people travel to the springs for their revitalizing effects. Can mineral revitalization water purification systems in the home duplicate this effect? The manufacturers say so. You would probably have to judge for yourself.

It is much more comfortable to shower in filtered water with a balanced pH level, but there are reasonably priced showerhead units on the market that allow you to do that. The prices on the mineral revitalization water purification systems are ridiculously high.

The bottom line is that there probably are some mineral water benefits, but no more than you would get from a good healthy glass of clean cool water.

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