Why a Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo May Not Work

I must admit the idea of simply using a hair loss treatment shampoo to combat thinning hair sounds great! What could be easier? Just apply a shampoo everyday and have done with the problem!

Oh if only it were that simple!

Hair loss of course can have a whole list of causes so in some cases the problem might be beyond what a shampoo can do. Heredity often plays a role in hair loss so regretfully, although hair thinning might be slowed down, as a person gets older it might be unavoidable.

On the other hand, thinning hair caused by harsh treatment of the hair, or medical treatment side-effects, or as a result of pregnancy and childbirth can often be minimized and stopped through the use of a hair loss treatment shampoo.

However, it cannot provide a miracle cure. To ensure a shampoo has a high chance of success this key factor must be noted:

Treating hair loss needs a WHOLE BODY approach.

What does this mean? Hair follicles thrive on a steady supply of healthy oxygenated blood delivering the proteins and minerals they need for healthy hair growth.

How does one provide that?

Through diet and exercise.

A properly balanced diet rich in proteins, can provide the hair follicles with what they need. Additionally, regular exercise gets the heart pumping, and the circulation moving so the blood supply reaches the scalp as it should.

So these are factors that need to be addressed from the inside of the body and they provide a powerful antidote to losing hair. Of course, it goes without saying that smoking is a NO NO as it has such an impact on the body’s circulatory system it can negate the good a shampoo might do.

So once the WHOLE BODY approach is adopted, the use of a hair loss treatment shampoo may see good results.

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