Job As A Team Leader

These may be the more nitty-gritty aspects of team infrastructure but they’re needed to keep the team’s work flowing smoothly and to minimize destructive conflict. And when all these conditions are present and a group becomes a true team, members perform at a high level not because the boss demands it but because their team colleagues expect it. 롤대리 Members work hard so as to support each other and not let the team down. In effect, then, the team manages itself. If a team member fails to perform, other members will let him know. In this way, performance is guided by the social and emotional bonds among members, not the expectations of the boss. When this occurs, the manager is managing through the team by using the social bonds among members to shape behavior.

It’s a more effective way to manage because it elicits more commitment and effort from the individuals involved. But it’s obviously not a comfortable approach for those bosses who need to be “in charge” and want to believe that their team will succeed because of their direct influence. They dislike, in particular, the fact that creating a team requires such an indirect approach, like a pool player making a bank shot off the side rather than straight into a pocket. They don’t realize that the more direct approach they prefer will most likely prevent their group from becoming a real team. Real teams emerge spontaneously when the right conditions are present; a team can’t be created by decree. The boss cannot dictate a compelling purpose; the team members must choose one, though it certainly can be one the boss has suggested and the team discussed.

Thus, instead of imposing and directing, you as a group leader must suggest, support, define, focus on, talk about, expect, hire for, lead discussions about, and evaluate performance against the conditions that foster the spontaneous formation of a team. Your formal authority can be useful for directing people’s time and attention to the right issues and conditions. That’s far from nothing, but in the end only your group’s members can make themselves into a team by freely committing themselves to a mutual purpose. Your job as a team leader is to foster and then sustain the conditions that help them do that. You may not feel completely comfortable with such an indirect approach, but that’s how teams work.

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