How to Handle and Process New Job Offers

Lets face it looking for a brand new job, especially at the minute is hard, particularly in a professional sector like banking & finance and in a small jurisdiction like Jersey. Studying job listings, exploring Jersey based corporations and their respective culture, oferty pracy sending out CVs along with participating in numerous interviews is a time consuming process. So when finally when you receive the offer for that banking job in Jersey you were hoping for – you will be understandably be delighted. But before you rush to take the job, take plenty of time to consider it absolutely and fully. Here are some guidelines to assist you in determining whether the Jersey job offer you have is right for you:

1. Evaluate your understanding of the job description

This is a single most important factor in assessing a job offer from a potential employer – Give consideration and reflect upon the following:

– Will you like the day-to-day duties in the job?
– Will you end up being challenged in terms of the job and your career goals?
– Is the degree of responsibility appropriate considering your experience?
– Will you have the capacity to work well with your current boss and co-workers?
– Are you willing to produce any required lifestyle alterations that may affect your wellbeing and quality of life?

If the answer to these questions is no, accepting the job could be a mistake and only serve to delay you from finding the right sort of banking job you are looking for.

2. Evaluate the Organization

Ask yourself do the company’s core values reflect you own?
A business that expects 12-hour days when you only want to work eight may not be a good fit for anyone. Also consider the work style and reputation of your future boss and their team and try to assess if or not there could be personality conflicts later on.

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