Natural Skin Care – Staying Hydrated for Healthier Skin

Does your skin look wrinkly and feel dry? Do you feel tired and fatigued? Think it’s your old age? Chances are it might not be due to your old age, but rather due to the lack of water in your Care 2 Stay.

Mild dehydration symptoms will start to become noticeable after the body has lost 2% of its normal water volume. Some common symptoms of mild dehydration include dry skin, fatigue & weakness, dry mouth, loss of appetite and decreased urination and dark colored urine but generally one of the first signs is that of thirst. Dehydration can occur for any number of reasons including level of activity, climate & temperature, medications and/or illnesses. However on a normal daily basis the body loses between 2-3 liters of water just through breathing, sweating and urinating. And if excessive heat or heavy activity is occurring, the body can lose up to 2 liters in just one hour. So how do you prevent dehydration from occurring?

Drink plenty of water. Experts advise drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. I say, drink as much as you can, the more the better because each of our bodies is different and so are our lives and activity levels. Just drink plenty of water, whatever level feels right for your body. The reason is water is a natural diuretic and helps the kidneys filter out toxins from the body when there is sufficient enough water or fluid to do so. Fluids are vital and essential to the overall health of all the body’s organs. Increasing your water intake will actually improve their functioning. Experts advise drinking only natural pure water in order to limit or decrease your intake of any chemicals which may be in the water and can add to and contribute to the toxin level already in the body. Nonetheless, it is generally agreed across the board that maintaining proper hydration is vital and will result in greater health for the body as well as for the skin.

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