What Should I Look For When Shopping For a Massage Chair?

If you’ve done any shopping for a premium massage chair lately, you would understand 마사지 it’s a major commitment of your hard earned cash. And like any high ticket item, you would be wise to do a good amount of research before committing to buying one. Especially considering that some run as high as $6,000 USD. But, what should be considered when shopping for one? Drawing from experience on buying my car and house, and through considerable thought I’ve found narrowed it down to 6 criteria:

  1. Comfort – It’s important that you are first comfortable before you can even start a massage; otherwise it just defeats the purpose. A major component in determining comfort of a massage chair is its ergonomics. What material is it made of and more importantly how the parts are laid out to accommodate the consumer? You may have the finest material, but if its not laid out properly then the whole experience might be undermined.

Do all the controls fall naturally in place for the user? And are they intuitive in nature, thus not contributing any additional stress on the consumer. I think of my current car and how its ergonomics make it more enjoyable than the first car I owned.

  1. Ease of Use – This is possible because of great ergonomics stated above. Are controls for the massage chairs easy to use? Is its labeling of the controls legible and easy to understand? Many manufacturers use easy to understand icons that take the place of text labels for their control pads. There are still others, who use voice recognition technology to facilitate ease of operation for the consumer. Furthermore, manufactures include features such as, memory settings etc. to increase a massage chair’s ease of use for the consumer.
  2. Features – Key features found in the current crop of premium massage chairs include: heat therapy, full body massage, kneading massage, tapping massage, remote control functions, and some even offer interfaces that allow the consumer to listen to MP3 audio files to achieve music therapy in addition to massage therapy.
  3. Massage Functions – In the current crop of massage chairs, features such as, Swedish and Shiatsu style massages. Included in the functions of various massage chairs are automatic settings that serve to address various states that the consumer might be experiencing, such as, just waking up etc. Some have sensors that allow the massage chair to tailor a fit according the consumer’s height. Massage functions offered are designed to mimic the actions of a professional masseuse. Actions include kneading, pressing and tapping. These are important to take into consideration depending on the results desired.
  4. How well it integrates into the current decor of a room is a minor, but also important criteria. It might not be important to some, but it is to me. Most current offerings are very stylishly leather covered and fit well in a variety of settings.

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